We Meet Again, Mr. Holmes E2. The Case Of Identity

The Case Of Identity

Where Holmes Figures Out The Case Before Lifting His Violin.


So, how do I do this? I don’t want to post spoilers for those of you who haven’t read a particular story yet. Winter is the perfect time to crack on with a gigantic reading list (which oddly, never gets shorter lol) or focusing on one’s writing- if you don’t need a change of scenery to help the motivation along.

To start, I chose one of the short stories that I haven’t yet read or seen on the screen, A Case Of Identity, which was glanced over in Sherlock Season 3, The Empty Hearse. I have a stack of editing work coming in, so something short to keep the enthusiasm and blog going seemed appropriate.

The Case:

Sherlock receives a visit from a young woman who still lives with her mother and her new, much younger stepfather. The young woman wishes to hire Sherlock to track down a young suitor who disappeared on the very day of their intended marriage.


I hate to say that this was an easy case to crack. Okay, no I don’t. I closed the book between my ink stained fingers and said, “It was Col. Mustard in the billiard room.” Still there? Just making sure. LOL. Okay, so you get the point. This was a simple money scheme case that Sherlock didn’t even need to stop playing his violin to solve. If you’re looking for a short, elementary (sorry, I had to) level case to try your wits at, then you could start here.


A friend of mine who wants to start reading the stories asked where she should start. Normally, I would suggest starting with the first story and going in order. But if you are not ready to start your game off by tackling A Study In Scarlet or any of the other bigger stories first, this might be a good place to start.

Where does this leave me? Well, I still force myself to make sure I read and write a little bit every day, no matter what. Maybe when I stop thinking, all that prep will somehow spark something unconsciously in my head (that’s what normally happens). But for now, I’ll have to keep calm and read on. Stay tuned because there is another entry featuring my favorite boys coming soon, along with some fun goodies. Keep an eye out on social media for #ScreenThis daily movie suggestions, Sherlock related images and a lot more. Cheers! For now. EC.


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