Book Review In 7 Questions: London Belongs To Me

Book Review In 7 Questions: London Belongs To Me

Author: J. Middleton
Genre: Young Adult, Coming of Age, Romance, Fandom (Kirkwall Publishing)
Release Date: Currently available
Character Likability: Moderate. The lead Alex Sinclair is a bit too whiny / self centered, although her personal trauma and or backstory is relatable and realistic. Her rival is a tad maniacle and psychotic – which would work better if the story was shorter because at times it was just grueling and almost unrealistic – but then again, I’m not a 20 something in 2017. The characters I really enjoyed were the supporting characters like Freddy, Lucy, Mark etc.
Imminent Danger Rating: Low. Unless spilt coffee and bitchy, maneuvering women in designer heels scare you (and Olivia is petty crazy) scare you, you’ll be safe.
Familiar Elements:
A woman moves to a new city with hopes of starting her life over after a romantic/friendship betrayal and getting a jump start on a killer career.
Concept Originality:
While the concept isn’t exactly new, it focuses on a young woman trying to break it into the cutthroat West End theater world. Fans of British pop culture or cultural landmarks will totally enjoy the insider look / atmosphere of a bustling London and name dropping of popular figures.
Twist Originality:
Moderate, but it’s more of a dramatic rom com, so if you enjoy the genres mentioned above, you will most likely enjoy it.
Standout Moments or Strengths:
Any Anglophile will appreaciate all of the rich detail regarding London, the West End theater scene and historical mentions. I also loved the ideas behind / subject of Alex’s plays.

Personal Note:
I felt the book was a tad too long. I had mixed feelings for the protagonist as I could both relate to her and yet, was often annoyed by her. Perhaps it would have gone over better for me if she were just a little bit older, given her expectations and the eventual outcome of accomplishing her goals, and if the story was shorter. At times she was a little too immature, passive and selfish for my liking. I also found the antagonist too over the top and would have liked to have seen more external conflict come from Alex’s efforts to make it into the theater scene, rather than teen like drama. Despite these thoughts, I enjoyed the book for it’s tone, clean writing, supporting characters, setting  and her integration of British culture and it’s history. So yes, I would suggest it to fellow Anglophiles or theater geeks.

P.S. I heard that there is supposed to be a sequel, but I don’t know if I will check it out because I like happy endings and the end of London Belongs To Me was a good place to stop.
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