September Show Highlights To Remember: Stories To Get Caught Up On

September Features Round Up:

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Hey everyone!

Well, as I close out September I have to admit that it’s been a great month for us here. In case you are running a little late to the party, we have spent the past few weeks starting off the new site – and new show – to an exciting, great start. Over the next few weeks we will be keeping up the hard work to bring you new, fun and insightful content, but as more stories / interviews keep rolling in, you can get caught up on some of our favorite September features.

Please feel free to enjoy the content and especially show your support via comments, questions, sharing on social media and to be honest, any inventive way that you can think of so we can continue to show our content collaborators that their support of our new site/show is appreciated. Also, don’t forget to click the Subscribe button to have new content conveniently sent to your email or digital device so that you don’t miss out on the continuing fun. We also have a lot of updates coming in from people we interview, plus a lot of extra behind the scenes fun to share, so join the chat on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks and enjoy! 

Erin Coughlin

Executive Producer / Writer

In celebration of International Translation Day (Sept. 30), we have two exclusive interviews:

Marian Schwartz
Marian Schwartz, Award Winning Literary Translator

Navigating Translation: Marian Schwartz Discusses Her Award Winning Work As A Literary Translator

Polina Dashkova
Dubbed the “Russian crime queen,” Polina Dashkova is Russia’s most successful author of crime novels.

“Russian Crime Queen” Polina Dashkova On Writing, Russia and Her New Thriller ‘Madness Treads Lightly’

You can now listen to E1 & E2 of my new podcast The …withErin Coughlin Show, which puts more emphasis on what our **guests have to say. Every episode features  passionate,  groundbreaking people, companies etc. who are working on inspiring / unique projects in various professional, altruistic or creative fields that enrich or assist people in their personal, professional or social endeavors.

Foley Michal and Jess IMG_9612
Michal and Jessica’s podcast ‘The Test’ addresses important questions about filmmaking, women in film and more.

FILM: Michal Sinnott & Jessica Rotondi of ‘The Test’ Podcast Talk Film …withErinCoughlin


Kaira Rouda Author Photo

Kaira Rouda Best Selling Author Interview ‘Best Day Ever’ at BEA 2017


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