‘Wintersong’ Book Review In 7 Questions

Book Review In 7 Questions: Wintersong

Author: S. Jae Jones

Genre: Young Adult, Supernatural, Gothic Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: 2017

Character Likability:
Moderate to High. The lead is okay, but The Goblin King steals the show

Imminent Danger Rating: Moderate (Action wise)

Familiar Elements:
A young woman who underestimates her talents, beauty and gifts struggles to look after her family. A mysterious, complicated stranger enters the picture…Goblins.

Concept Originality:
Moderate. (See below) Don’t expect the same plot line from the film. It starts out with a fairly similar “Kidnap” riddle situation, but that’s a footnote to something more complex and definitely more adult in nature.

Twist Originality:
If you love Labyrinth, then you will want to check this out as it has less to do with Elisabeth’s navigation of the maze, and focuses more on her relationship with / the story of The Goblin King’. The main character is also musically talented in a time where women weren’t allowed to excel in many fields, as opposed to just a spoiled actress which is a nice change.

Standout Moments or Strengths: 

Leisel’s aka Elizabeth’s musical inclinations, the tasteful , in depth exploration and development of her relationship with the Goblin King. Her portrayal of The Goblin King (see below).

Personal Note:

If you like the 1980s classic Labyrinth starring David Bowie, there are a lot of aspects of this book you will enjoy – from her physical depictions of him, to some familiar sounding phrases and the fact she made him an even more complex character. Clearly it appears that Jae Jones is a fan or admirer of the late great icon (he is David Bowie after all) and that does pleasantly come across in the book. (Hello, those gorgeous mismatched eyes). Don’t expect a Labyrinth re-telling – this a more adult story. I had to admit that I was surprised by the adult – like turn in the plot, which had scenes (as well written as they were) I would even find in adult literature. As an adult, there were a lot of aspects regarding her interaction with the Goblin King that I generally liked. For readers who are expecting more physical adventure / danger, this is more like a character study based romantic fairy tale. I did enjoy it , even if I wish it was a bit shorter, but the fact The Goblin King was very prominent in the scenes throughout the novel made me want to keep reading.

P.S. I SO miss David Bowie. So I enjoyed the time I spent visualizing him while I read this. 

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