‘Prodigy’ Filmmaker Alex Haughey Discusses Creation Of First Feature Film

The …withErin Coughlin Show S1E3: On today’s program, co-screenwriter and co-director Alex Haughey stops by to discuss his (first) new feature film, Prodigy.


September Show Highlights To Remember: Stories To Get Caught Up On

Get caught up on some of our favorite September features including interviews with Marian Schwartz, Polina Dashkova, Kaira Rouda, Co-Hosts of ‘The Test’ Podcast and Sarah Vermunt.

August Update: What’s Happening At The Site

Hey everyone! Here’s a quick update about additions and changes to the site. First, thank you for your continued support and interest. It means a great deal to me and is always the perfect inspiration as I continue to create and collaborate with my sources to bring you new material of interest to you!  …